Condition detail

My standards with regards to condition of material are rigorous:

MINT STAMPS: All stamps are in fine unmounted  or fine mounted mint fault free condition with full perforations unless specifically stated otherwise. On this site generic images are not used.  Any apparent defect/blemish apparent on the images unless described can be assumed to be artefact. Please enquire if uncertain.  Although the image forms an essential part of the description all items are assumed on approval against payment.

USED STAMPS: All used stamps will be fault free (no creases,thins etc) unless described otherwise. All used items for sale will be illustrated with actual item for sale. There are no generic images for used items.

SHADES: Unfortunately the description and perception of shades is not a rigorous science and may be subjective particularly for used stamps. Where specific recognised and listed shades (Gibbon's catalogues) are mentioned in the description they are identified to the best of my ability and in good faith. I do not identify shades not listed in Gibbon's catalogues. Expert certificates do exist for shades not yet recognised in Gibbon's references and the validity of these certificates has in recent times been questioned. Where a catalogued specialist shade has not been described pricing is assumed to relate to the cheapest priced shade for the particular item. As with all material I offer through my various websites if you have any doubts about my shade assignment or are not satisfied for any other reason return of the item within 30 days will receive a full refund.

The site has the facility for public questions to be asked about any item. If you have any doubts / concerns or need clarification about any item please use the question facility or email